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How Much Does A Locksmith Service Cost?

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The top ranked search results for how much locksmiths charge in 2022 are all wrong.

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

Those sites that Google “thinks” are important are not written by locksmiths.

They’re written by marketing teams for large companies that have no clue about locksmithprices.

we goin to give you here some real facts √ 

The average cost to hire a locksmith is $85 to $175 with most spending $129

The minimum call out charge ( Service Call Fee ) is $30 ( for scam locksmiths ) to $49 - $89 ( real legit locksmith ), and from $89 to $149 for after-hours service. 

Typical rates to unlock a car is $49 to $85 ( real locksmith ) and between $129 and up with all those scam locksmith out there.

if you're locked out of the house, fair price to pay its $69 - $89 ( our opinion ).

Emergency or After Hours Charge can go really high on price and some companies offer FREE of Charge lockout if its a baby in the car.. ( pop a lock ).



Car Lockout$60 – $85Rekey Car$75 – $180Change Locks on Car$75 – $220Key Extraction$75 – $140Car Key Replacement$70 – $250Keyless Fob Replacement$150 – $250Car Ignition Repair$120 – $225Key Programming$90 – $160


** Most locksmith services can give you a quote over the phone, but those are not set in stone. They’ll have a better price point in mind once they look at the lock in person.




Service Average Cost

House Lockout $69 – $109

Commercial Lockout $89 – $159

Rekey House $13 – $39

Change Locks on House $35 – $230

Drilling Door for Lock Install $55 – $120

Key Extraction $69 – $99

Key Duplication $1 – $13

Mult-T-Lock $110 - $250




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