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key cutting machine is the quintessential must-have for any locksmith business. In fact, as your business grows and you identify your customers' needs, you may need more than one key cutting machine. There are many different key machines on the market that perform specialized functions. It's important to do your research to choose the best machines for your locksmith business today, and tomorrow!

Shop Key Cutting Machines At UHS Hardware

Shop Key Cutting Machines At UHS Hardware

Types Of Key Cutting Machines


A duplicator is the most common type of key cutting machine. As the name implies, it duplicates existing cylinder keys based on cut width and shape. For old, worn, or broken keys, duplicators are not very effective. Duplicators come in manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic models. Tubular machines are another form of duplicator made specifically for tubular keys and locks commonly found on vending machines, bicycle locks, and elevators. 

Code Machines (Key Originators)

Code machines go a step further than duplicators by using a computerized key cutting machine to generate a new original key from a set of specific codes (measurements) -- usually from the original lock or vehicle manufacturer. Punch machines are a manual version of code machines that 'punch' the key out after the depth and space codes have been set. 

Electronic Machines

These high-security key cutting machines are available as key duplicators or originators. Duplicators can create replacement center milled and side milled keys using a controllable carriage. Originating milling machines are often fully-automatic, electronic and computerized, allowing them to duplicate keys, originate new ones, and handle every type of cut beyond the standard edge-cut keys. They're ideal for high-security key making and automotive locksmithing. While these are some of the most expensive machines on the market, they're also the most versatile. 

Best of all, because they're automatic, they're far more accurate and faster than manual key cutting machines. This allows you to make more keys, serve more customer, and ultimately grow your locksmith business faster. 

Versatile Xhorse Condor Key Cutting Machines

You will find a variety of key cutting machines on our website, but the Xhorse Condor machines are some of the most popular, known for their reliability, accuracy, and versatility. Xhorse manufactures a range of key cutting machines for every stage of your business. From affordable manual duplicating machines to fully-automatic high-security machines and all the accessories needed to offer your customers complete key-making services. 

Xhorse makes it easy to take your locksmith business on-the-go with mounting hardware to outfit your service van with your key cutting machine. The automatic machines have a library of codes already built into the computer or use Bluetooth technology that allows you to use your phone or tablet to find codes and cut keys on-the-spot. 

Shop Key Cutting Machines At UHS Hardware

UHS Hardware is a leading locksmith wholesale supplier in Miami. We carry a wide range of locksmith supplies at affordable prices to help your locksmith business grow and succeed! Shop our entire line of key cutting machines now, and enjoy free shipping over $99 to anywhere in the continental U.S. The main warehouse, Customers Showroom and distribution center is located in Hollywood, South Florida. We ship nationwide to all 50 states and serve all customers with the best customer care and service.


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